Used Bikes!

Looking for a sweet ride, but maybe don’t want to pay the new bike sticker price?
Thats okay, here at Outbound we’ve got some previously loved bikes, rides that need to be ridden!
Previous owners have either moved on to the newest model to keep up with the “jones’s” or maybe got into another dicipline of biking… either way now we’ve got them, and we want to pass on the savings to you!
Just follow the link with each bike to view our “for sale” add on pink bike!
Kona Stinky $800

Rocky Mountain Switch *Custom Factory Paint $800
Intense Tazer $800

Techin “303” $1000

Flatline PRO $2000

Flatline Three *Custom Build $2500
Slayer SS $2000

Banshee Rampant $1750

Dialed Banshee Rampant.. Nearly new $2500

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