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Rune by Banshee

For those that dare to see whats on the other side the mountain. The rune was made for the weekend adventurer to explore the back country. Escape the madness of the cities and urban sprawl and return to nature, restore your inner peace and go to the places most people will never see.

Wildcard by Banshee

The new school rider has the ultimate tool to show-off pulling the biggest and baddest tricks. Super low stand over means the rider can throw a leg over to style out the flashiest can-can or tailwhip, and with the lightest weight frame in its class, rotational tricks are effortless as you’re not fighting with the …

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Pyre by Banshee

You like to race on occasion, you like to explore, but mostly you feel one should pay to play; its the burn in the legs and the sweat that pours down your face that says you are deserving – something the gravity rider will never understand. The pyre will get you to the top with …

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Morphine by Banshee

Arguably the strongest frame in the industry, the morphine was made for the rider that kills his bikes. The frame takes the punishment and throws it back at you – “is that all you got?” It can handle any situation and can be built to suit different riding styles and disciplines. Features:

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