2011 Rocky Mountain Road Lineup!


Personally I like aerobars, and the fact they make a head wind so much less painfull… But I can understand that when you’re riding in a pack, you may not want someone wobbling around in full aero tuck not able to get on the brakes if they need to…. So!


… Here’s a sneak peek at some of Rocky’s Bikes for the 2011 season.. From a full road race spec’d “Solo Pro RSL”, to the performance oriented full carbon don’t break the bank Prestige series, and finally to the light weight dependable Oxygen series, that starts in the $899. range… Rocky’s line up has anything you need, for every type of rider… and heck if you want to try out a triathlon… or shave some time off the commute to work… we can always set up a pair of aero bars onto a road bike for you!


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